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Want to join? Email or call the office now

01372 843 652

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

The membership year runs from April to April.
Membership is £50pp for adults and £25pp for children. 

From 2023 we have introduced a spending cap on court fees. 

How Much Is A Padel Session?

The padel courts can be booked in 30 minute slots with each slot costing £7.20. Bookings are most commonly for 90 minutes (£21.60 per court)

We have now introduced some off peak rates at certain times. (£5.60 per 30 mins)

How Do I Find People To Play With?

We have various Whats App Groups running for different player ratings where members can easily arrange games with each other. 
We are delighted to offer 4 social sessions running weekly for different playing abilities. See "Club Sessions" page for more info.

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